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    Pantera fans... Unreleased track found..

    ytjn This is an unreleased Pantera track that was recorded during the "Vulgar Display of Power" recording sessions in 1991. Its being released on the 20th anniversary of "Vulgar Display of Power. (Today April 12th) A lot of the riffs in the song went on to be other Pantera song parts. Dimebag Darrel (Guitar player incase you didn't know) was tragically gunned down on Dec 8th 2004 while performing with his new band Damage Plan. The shooter was a crazed fan who blamed Dimebag for the breaking up of Pantera. He was litteraly shot doing what he loved best, playing guitar. The song was found while his brother, Vinnie Paul was listening to old tapes. Vinnie was the drummer in both Pantera and Damage Plan and was onstage 10 feet from his brother when he was gunned down.

    Dimebag Darrel was listed by "Guitar World Magazine" as one of the top 5 most influencial guitar players of all time. Eddie Van Halen placed his black and yellow "Frankenstein" guitar in the coffin with Dimebag. As the story goes the 2 had met a few months prior and were huge fans of each other. Dime tried to convince Eddie to sell him the guitar and Eddie refused as it was an iconic part of EVH history. Weather your a fan of the music or not Dimebag did things on a guitar no other human could do.

    Pantera was a huge part of me playing an instrument. As a young angry teen Pantera gave me something to identify with. The lyrics talked about real shit. Not dragons, wizards, girls, and all the other corny shit metal bands were singing about back then. Pantera gave me an escape and DimeBag's riffs kept my ADD having self stuck listening for every little nuance and trick he did. Hearing a new Pantera song almost 8 years after Dime's death just brought me back a long way's and I figured id share incase anyone thats a fan didnt hear about this yet.

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    Cool .......Pantera is one of my all time favs......I'll never forget the "conversation " I had with my parents after they found my Far Beyond Driven album.....the one with the drill bit going through the skull...... they told me I was on a bad road listening to "that kind of music"......looks like I turned out ok after all....RIP Dime

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    That new found song ROCKS.....

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    damn... link is shut down already.....

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