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    900 ZXI Wear ring

    Urban legend- "You can't change the wear ring in a 900 ZXI, you have to send it off and have it rebuilt " - false

    Did a lot of searching and found that the majority of the internet seems to think this can't be done, I saw people that had done it and I did it too. Don't know how this myth got started. Special thanks to for supplying the ring.

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    enlighten me.

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    Very easy actually, remove the small set screw, the ss ring is pretty flimsy, pry it away from the from the housing with a screw driver, reposition the screw driver vertical, take a hammer, hit downward cutting the ring. (the part you just pried back). Repeat this process all the way down the side, collapsing the ring. The process does require a hydraulic press or maybe not, I just happen to have one. Put the new ring in the freezer for two hours, place it on the housing with a 2x8 piece of wood on top of the ring, put it in the press and press it in.....done.

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    Its really sad that mis information spreading like wild fire across the internet caused some people to spend $350 + on a new pump or rebuild....somebody is making a killing. I also installed SBT's pump rebuild kit ( bearings, seals and o-rings) that I purchased from them for $ price, $115....where's the mystery ???

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    so no adhesive to set up, just press in fit and set screw, i marked the site for ref if needed latter, have the tools just have'nt needed a ring yet !

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    No, no adhesive, the ring goes in super tight. As far as the set screw is concerned, the new ring doesn't come with the hole pre drilled. You'll have to drill a pilot hole for the screw AFTER the ring is installed....still not a big deal, no rocket science, just driill through the existing hole in the housing where the screw goes and into the'll know when you see it.

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    Just got one of these rings. Not too crazy about it being uncontinuous all the way around, but I think it will work. Also, it appears the manufacturer made about a 1" long cut on the inside face of the ring with whatever tool he was using. Fortunately I think it is far enough to the back of the ring that I don't think it will be a problem, but I am still rather disappointed that they would not have thrown that one out and sent one without a big freaking slice in it.

    I put some nonhardening sealant in between it and the housing to prevent the corrosion problem from reoccuring. It pressed in nice and easy but also nice and tight. The final slight problem I ran into was that there is a gap behind the weld on the ring. It is about 0.5 mm at the most. I'm still thinking of how I want to seal it up. I'm planning on putting some J.B. Weld over the bead of the weld on the inside of the ring and then sanding it smooth for a better finish before putting the impeller back on.

    With a little work, I think this thing will work fine for someone (like me) who isn't interested in a lot of performance and is just fine toying around and doesn't want to spend $300+ on a used housing or more for a new one. Due to the quality control issues, I would not recommend this option for someone who is serious about skiing. Hope this post helps anyone who thinks about trying this in the future make their decision.


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    Well, let me easy your mind some, sometimes mechanically minded people put waaaay to much thought into things (overkill). Not directed at you or anyone here, just people in general. The weld on the ring really isn't a big deal IMO, solid was nice but the weld won't hurt at all. The gap under the ring ? that was so minuscule, I paid it no mind. As far as the housing, I merely cleaned it with a wire brush and sprayed the whole insides with WD 40. No sealant, no adhesive to hold anything, just the opposite, WD 40, further more I didn't even re drill the set screw hole or re install the set screw. Since install, I have logged about 15 "I'm trying to kill this ski" hours on it. This is not my main ski, so I treat it like hell.....and the ring has held up time and time again.......its $60 dollars versus $300+....wth

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