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    2001 Ultra 150 Pump Removal to ship to Skiworx

    Help? I have a 2001 Ultra 150 pump that the bearings are shot due to a rope getting sucked in. I am attempting to take out the pump to send to Skiworx by way of the Kawasaki Factory manual. I also have 2 Car master Techs helping me ( I work at a Car Dealership) I am to the point of unscrewing the pump mounting bolts. However, I think due to corrision the damn thing won't budge. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance,

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    Ok read the previous replies. Breaking out the slide hammer and pry bar. I figured that is what it would take just seemed dangerous and unorthadoxed! Hopefully I don't do as much damage!

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    Don't forget the 2 screws that go up from the bottom! The first time you remove it, it can be quite difficult. You might wear a face shield, when it finally breaks loose, it can hit you in the head!

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