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    Just purchased my GTR 215 today

    Anyone know what I should do to make sure everything runs smoothly? Thanks!

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    Gratz on your new GTR!!

    Just follow the standard break-in procedure. Change the oil at 5hrs, as well as 10; for a lil added protection(not necessary, but good if you can do it.)
    If you plan on riding in the ocean, protect everything in the engine compartment with CRC spray protestant/corrosion inhibitor; and clean/rinse her with plenty of fresh water when you're done - every time.
    ...and ride her like a hooker!

    I've had zero problems with my GTR, and traveled from Cali to Fla, just so I could ride her more often.
    The GTR is a great ski, IMO, and she'll be happy to show you why when you're on the water.

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