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ID:	268696Hi,
I've found myself a 1990 LX and have decided to tidy it up for fun. I have spent a few days cleaning it up and it doesn't look too bad so far except for a couple of issues.

I put a new fully charged battery on it last weekend but it ran it down and drained the power. Before I chase the worst case scenario I was wondering about the alarm it has on it.

When the battery is charged it keeps beeping and I cant turn it off. I would like to disconnect it and see if it helps as it doesn't seem to do anything anyway.

Does anyone know how to do this or happen to know where I could get hold of a workshop manual?

The other immediate problem is it's not very fast. As in it only does around 25mph on the gps. I'm thinking it should do more and it is also surging a bit so maybe the carby needs a rebuild?

Any help with this little project will be much appreciated. I'm not looking to race it -yet But would love to be able to use it to hang with the pole Ski riders for fun.