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    pop-off pressure

    i am in the process of rejetting my carbs and i did a pop off test on them this evening. i am installing 120 main jets and 110 pilot jets. i am also installing a 1.5 needle and seat along with a 95 gram spring. in a thread i read that the needle and seat set-up i have should yield an average pop-off around 40-45 psi. when i tested my carbs i got an average of 35psi.what in need to know is if that 35psi average will be ok or do i need to experiment with other spring set-ups? also how will the carbs respond to that low pop-off. i am still new to the carb tuning thing and any feedback will be appreciated.

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    Just did the same setup to mine and I had to stretch the springs a bit to make them pop off at 42-43. Seems like they are off a bit from the factory.

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