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    What to do if I flooded the engine after towing it?

    HELP; What to do if I did flood the cyclinders after towing it?

    I got a tow back from seatow yesterday but didnt clamp the outlet hose from the cooling rail, bought a new battery last night and she shows spark on all cyclinders now but she wont start even with starting fluid.

    How can I tell if she is flooded with water and how can I get it out?

    2000 Polaris SLX 1200

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    Pull the plugs and crank the motor. Water will come shooting out the cylinders. Get as much out as you can by cranking the engine and get that thing started and running to dry out the motor. Do it now!!!!!!!! the longer you wait the more you risk rust in the engine. And when getting towed you clamp the water inlet hose, not the outlet.

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    Im on it thanks. Ill report back
    Got any idea what this hose goes to or is for? It looks to connect to the hode in the second photo which goes to the metal rod you see in the thrid image that sticks out the end of the jet
    Click image for larger version. 

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    thats your shiphonhose it sucks water out of the hull while your riding

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is this my pickup for outlet? There is a plastic screen in the jet where this connects.

    The ski is overheating. I dont know if this is right the way the ski is setup to flush. Here is a pick of the washout hose conector.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is got up to 215 degrees just now... The computer always reads hot so I disconnected the tan wire from the computer board. I think it overheated the other day asn is why ios would not start. I took off the thermostat housing (thats wqhat polaris calls it) and did not see a thermostat where I show it should be. Is there another place where the thermostat is possibly. I thought this was an outlet not an inlet. Very confusing. I think the thermostat is bad because I am not getting water out of the plug when I opened it up from the top of the cooling rail. I should get water out of that correct if I ruin water through the the engine while its running?

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    In the picture above--the top pic, yes that is your water INLET tube. the lil screen on the inside of the the exit nozzle is where the water enters as you ride from the water pressure moving thru the pump. check to see if that screen has green grass clogging it. you can wipe it off with your hand. or, take a toothbrush and scrub it clean. That will get the lil holes clear again. check that often in grassy riding areas.

    If you follow that plastic tube---it goes into the hull with 2-o-rings holding it on. On the inside of the hull is where your water inlet hose is that attaches to the hull where that tube would continue. that hose is the hose you want to clamp off while being towed.

    Some guys put in a shut off valve inside the hull in between that hose. Others use both a strainer to catch debris and a shut-off valve. I have both on my Pro785.

    That hard plastic tube is held on by the o-rings on the end of it and the force of the long bolts holding the pump assembly together.

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    On the end of the water rail on the top of the cylinder heads is the thermostat and popoff assembly. Remove that and check for proper operation.

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    No thermostat inside

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    Is it supposed to be in that thermostat housing or inside the rail? Not getting water to that thermostat housing. When I opened the plug no water either coming out.

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    It's supposed to be in the thermostat "housing", however, not running one is not your problem. Most of us pull them out anyway. IF you're running it on the hose as you have it pictured, stop immediately. You will never see water in the rail. You have the hose hooked up to a 3/8" "water out" line, if you will. The way it is pictured, water going to the left will flow unrestricted into the dry section of your exhaust and fill the waterbox. To supply the water to your motor, water would need to go to the right, problem is, there is a fixed sized orifice fitting in the pipe. (very tiny hole) The water is going to take the easiest path. You need to get the hose hookup right, which is to connect it to the brass plug area on your water rail which is located on the rear of the rail, carburator side.

    Check out this vid..... it explains it fairly well.

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