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    Seat Cover Question - Best Brand and What to Do with Hardened Old Seat Cover?

    I have a couple questions on seat covers. I have a 2003 GTX seat this is getting a little hard and starting to show signs of some creases (not cracks yet).

    1) Who makes the best cover - JetTrim or MLine or other?

    2) I assume that none of the aftermarket seat covers are waterproof and I need to leave my original cover in place, so what happens when it is getting old like mine? Cover it up anyway??

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    It will just be your personal preference. I have had 3 different covers and my favorite has been the m-line. Quality piece. If the oringinal is hard or split, I would take it off then recover. I did that for an old cover and it dried out fine after a ride.

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    Jet trim all the way. Better quality and extremely comfortable.

    Here is a few other members skis jet trim did.

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