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    Rusting trailer...Is there hope?

    Acquired a double trailer, structurally sound still but has considerable amount of rust creeping in.
    Anybody recommend any decent & effective quick fixes. Sanding & coating with some form of rust inhibitor perhaps? (It's not aluminum)

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    I use a couple of manufacturer's products. Rust-oleum, Duplicolor, Ace hardware all make a "rust reformer". Basically you clean off the loose scale and spray it on. It will turn black and dry completely in about 24 hours then you can paint over it. I like not having to have clean, shiny metal for it to work. I don't know how long it will last if your frame is rusted on the inside though. Good luck!

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    I havent used this yet, but I plan to for spot repairs on my trailor and other shit. Ive only heard about it so far, and the guy liked it a lot.

    I used to paint cars for 8yrs +.....rust puts up one hell of a fight, especially if it's progressed far! so if you're not cutting it out, or at least blasting the shit out of it, then you gotta find a very good product to at least stall it out a year or two. This product might be good enough...will have to see. Like I said, I'll be interested in trying it on spot repairs.

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