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    raider 1100 advice

    First off new to the forum and to modding skis so please bare with me, also i have searched and continuing to do so,however like most things time goes on and things change over the years with technology and more people trying different things so answers change as well.

    So here it goes, i picked up an 1100 raider for $400 not running, it was sitting for a year, so i took off the cover over the carbs sprayed some gas in there to try an trouble shoot it, and bam started right up, filled with new gas and oil and took it on my lake and so far seems to be running great, got to love the reliability of a yamaha.

    Now i feel pretty confident with it running and finally getting the title(some issues there that are finally resolved) i want to itch my tinkering scratch.

    Ive definitely read a lot about raiders and its started to jumble together and i want to get better clarification and more importantly for the 1100 instead of the 700/760s since i see a lot more info about them and surely the 1100 differs on what ride plate/grate to use

    Basically i would like some advice as what to do to a stock 1100 with these goals in mind. I want to either maintain or slightly increase top speed(no loss for sure), definitely want a strong bottom end and want to get handling a bit better.

    I usually ride in the Bay which doesnt usually have anything larger then 3-4ft chop on a windy day, however most hard riding will be on smoother rivers or lakes.

    Other things to note, stock intake grate one bar in the center is missing, ive read about people eliminating the 2 centers so i think i will go ahead and do this since one is already missing

    also any free or very cheap mods please list, im pretty handy overall, havent worked on skis much but have a good basic knowledge.

    Sorry for probably being repetitive with questions but like said the more people try things out the more info out there and i just try to find the most recent advice vs something 10yrs ago thats either not available anymore or rare to come by.

    Thanks again!!!

    EDIT: budget kept minimal i dont want to go crazy, just some easy basic mods to improve handling, out of the hole and maintain or slightly increase top end. I will spend money if necessary but i dont want to go overboard either have a lot of other hobbies that take the majority of my spending money.

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    wrong forum?

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    I have an 1100 Raider too. I too wanted a slight performance and handling improvement that didn't break the bank. Here's what I did:

    I'd do these 3 together since they are simple jobs most guys with a toolbox can easily have done in hours and be riding later on the same day.
    1. Modded Intake Grate (sounds like you've already done/doing that)
    2. Solas I impeller (requires impeller removal tool which is basically a giant hex nut and a breaker bar)
    3. ProTec Rideplate

    Later, do these all at once since it involves removing your carbs and is tedious work.
    4. Re-jet all 3 of the 38mm Mikuni carbs
    5. remove butterfly chokes - install primer kit
    6. Add aftermarket flame arrestors (individual air cleaners for each carb)

    Afterwards you gotta take it to the water to re-tune. Another tedious job.

    Solas I impeller was the biggest performance gain. It gave the 1100 more get up n' go out of the hole but top speed gain (if any) wasn't that noticable.
    Handling is still squirrely at high speeds on any water other than glass. Aftermarket sponsons would help but nobody is making them for Raiders these days. Used is your best bet.

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    thanks man appreciate it, i think from what ive found is like what you said, the choke is unhooked but not removed just yet, so i will be doing the primer kit/fa's and rejet, is there a certain set of jets that im suppose to go with when going FAs ? i always see people saying it but not recommending a size or if there is a set size?

    also i read about cutting the ride plate flush with hull being a good option and moving the sponsons forward a bolt

    im taking the ski out for its first REAL test drive tomorrow, then i figured id finish the intake grate (one bar broke so ill just cut the other one out and smooth it out, move the sponsons forward a bolt and cut the ride plate and see what i think if i dont like ill go aftermarket.

    Will definitely look into the prop though as that sounds like a good upgrade, i really need to check to make sure i dont have an aftermarket prop on it already, is there some things to look for to tell? the guy who i purchased from his brother owned it and owed him money so he didnt know anything about it so a way to tell would be very helpful.
    Thanks for the feedback definitely appreciate it.

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    also is there any advice on the nu jet destroyer prop, theres a local selling 2 bnib pretty cheap , its the 5-5 which is for top speed and limited skis, trying to find more info but doesnt seem to be much out there or reviews on them?

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