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    Seeking for a spare supercharger good condition.

    Hi guys,

    Just in case some of you have something good to sell, i am currently searching for a decent /good unit S/C as a spare unit.
    I would want something like an X 255 charger, or maybe slightly little over this boost, nothing too crazy as i do not intend to mod too much my ride.

    Presently all i have is 42 pounds injectors, 15/20R Solas Prop, R&D intake grate, and an X supercharger, not much done....maybe will add a resonator delete, and cold air intake, but nothing more, even still ride with the OEM stock manifold intercooler.

    So if someone out there has a good unit to sell, (i can also be interested in a good used unit that as to be refresh with new bearings or washers, not a big deal for me as long as the price reflects this) The only thing i would like to avoid if possible is wheels that had a touchdown, as this could become off bablanced.

    Let me know if you got something good for sale, we might never know.
    Haaaa....almost forgot, must be willing to ship to Quebec, Canada, for sure i would pay shipping fee's.

    Thanks for your offers.

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    I have a X charger with 48 hrs and new washers... reasonable offers?

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    I've got:
    Stock SCer off my '10 PX (approx 50 hrs)
    81mm and 82mm reduction nozzle (81mm about 3 hours, 82mm new)
    Stock fuel injectors off my '10 PX (approx 50 hrs)
    Pro-Series Blow-Off Valve (approx 1 hr)

    Will soon have:
    Riva Pro-Series ECU w/ 8650rmp limit (approx 5 hrs use on my '10 PX)
    Riva Pro-Series 50lb Fuel Injectors (approx 5 hrs use on my '10 PX)

    Note: if you want the ECU, you will need to upgrade your stock fuel injectors and valve train.

    PM me if you are interested in any of the above. Thanks

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    Both Superchargers are interesting, just drop me the price you want via mp, then we will see....let me know, thanks...!

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