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    STX 1100 wont start after long time not used

    I have a 2001 kawazaki STX 1100 DI.
    After sitting near the beach for 6 months without running, it will not start. Battery is brand new and plugs too. The starter motor is working hard, but the engine does not want to start. Looks like there is no fuel getting into the engine.
    Here are my troubleshooting steps, after I looked into lot of forums:
    Tested the fuel pump, by disconnecting the other end pipe, and fuel come out of it when trying to start the jet. So The pump is good.
    Tested the injectors. I unplugged the injector from the engine, and when I push on start button, after 2 seconds, fuel comes out of it. So it looks good.
    I put gas in the spark plug holes, and started, it worked, engine was running few seconds until it burnt all the fuel.

    So the engine is good, the fuel injector and pump looks good. Something between them is not working. But there is nothing between them !!
    I even unplugged the 3 injectors, then plugged #1 alone, then start, then #2 alone, then start, then 3 alone, as mentioned in another forum to check if EMM module is damaged, but the engine did not start with any of them plugged alone.

    So I have only 2 choices now.
    Buy 3 injectors at a cost of 500$ a piece, or the EMM module which is 1000$, since I do not want to repair it, just get a new one, I do not love in the US to get it to DFITechnologies.
    But nothing tells me it will fix my problem.
    Help is appreciated.

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    So fuel is coming out of the injectors and it wont start,but when you put fuel manually into the cylinders it will start?

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    What does the fuel smell like? Perhaps it's bad, but usually it lasts longer than 6 months. I'd try draining and refilling with fresh gas before I spent that much money!

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    test the fuel pump pressure, then test pressure with return closed to see max pressure and it should build max pressure quickly.

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    I know on my STX the fuel pump doesnt come on until the engine is cranking over. Had a tech tell me it should come on and pressurize immediately when the ignition is turned on, but it doesnt. Until the computer sees a signal from the crank position sensor it doesnt supply power to the pump. If for some reason your pump does turn out to be bad, a 95 Suzuki Samurai fuel pump is virtually a direct replacement. You do have to modify the rubber bottom seat a little.

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    the crank position sensor on that model can often fail due to fragile wire connections. Check the cps for continuity or resistance according to service manual. If the ski has been jump started you might have popped the emm. One other thing. don't use generic spark plugs in that model. DO Not buy injectors

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    I had the same issue. I changed the crank sensor and it started right up. although i now have a check engine light on and need to pull codes

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    you can check a few simple things to avoid the pain of actually pulling codes..there is some info on using the led method outlined in some of k447 polairs fitch troubleshooting posts.

    typical check engine is a stator check for proper charging voltage and 45v at the injectors. Wrong plugs can trip that warning also. Emm overheating isn.t as common..but if the emm has been out be darn sure the cooling lines are not obstructed...typically kinked by a frustrated mechanic.

    the emm needs good water flow as the rocket scientiists opted to build the regulator.rectifier into the emm.

    could also be a bad connection at the tps.

    how does the engine run?

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    Hi guys
    it took me long, but i have some feedbacks
    After hours, headaches and pain, i found out the fuel pressure was not good.
    Some oil deposit where inside the pump and when i cleaned it, the jet ski started right away. But after 30 seconds, it shut down again.
    I defenitly have a fuel pressure problem. Can you telel me which tools i can use to test it, and also how much pressure am supposed to get out of the pump.
    I dont want to replace the whole pump before testing it for sure

    Thanks for your help and feedback

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    The DI fuel pump is either running or not running. There is nothing in between.
    The DI fuel pump's job, unlike other FI engines, is to fill the injector fuel cavity AND nothing else.
    Whether the pump produces 20, 30 or 40 psi, the fuel will fill the cavity anyway.
    Once the injector fuel cavity is filled with fuel, the injector (which is electromagnectic hammer that pressurizes to amazing 2400 psi) shoots directly into the combustion chamber.

    I think the best thing to do is to hook up to KDIAG and see what error codes are stored.
    If there are mulitiple codes, it means your EMM is shot.

    If you really want to check fuel pump, just disconnect the 2-pin connector and apply direct 12-VDC to the pump and see if fuel shoots out at the fuel line.

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