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    Can Riva Scom module be moved from one ski to another? Riva disclaimer says it cant.

    Hey guys was interested in purchasing a used SCOM module from a member here. I read through the install instructions and the disclaimer at the end of the write up and it states; scroll all the way down:

    The iControl Engine Management System has several factory limitations that must be considered when tuning/modifying your
    GPS Controlled Speed Limiter:
    U.S. models are governed to 67mph and International models are governed to 72mph. Note that this is actual speed as measured
    by hand held GPS and not speed displayed on instrument cluster. Speed limiter function is completely removed on both U.S. and
    International models when using RIVA Speed Control Override Module.
    Engine RPM Limiter:
    Both U.S. and International models have a factory engine RPM limiter set at 8,040rpm. Target engine RPM for modified applications
    should be 7,900-8,000rpm. The design of the iControl engine rev limiter allows the craft to run closer to limit than previous
    generation Sea-Doo’s without surging or losing power. iControl system will automatically close throttle as needed to reduce RPM if
    engine rev limit is reached.
    Torque Limiter:
    Both U.S. and International models have a control system that calculates throttle position, boost pressure & engine RPM to limit
    maximum torque. When torque limit is exceeded, system will close throttle as needed to stay within factory specifications. Please
    follow RIVA Performance Kit recommendations to stay within torque limits and maximize performance:
    NOTE: Once installed S.C.O.M. units are mated to crafts ECU & Cluster Coding and cannot be transferred to another

    Anyone know if this is true? I don't want to buy it and be screwed, I am not sure how though the external module can be "mated" with the ECU. Some said that it does have to be paired with BUDS/ others say no--I was going to call Riva but they would prob. say it can't so they get more sales.....

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    I'll send you mine to try. If it works send money if not send it back.

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    jerrry said yes .

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    marketing gimmic at it's finest to sell more units

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    Has anyone actually verified this. I have a used one coming and wondering how to verify his is true or not. I may hit the rev limiter and have no clue what I am really getting. Both bikes are 2012 bikes, mine and the one that originally ran this thing.


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    Unless it has never been used it can not.
    I have one being used for a paperweight.

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