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    Fuel sending unit problem?

    2010 RXPX dash fuel display reads half full all of the time. It does not move at all regardless of how much fuel is in the tank. Are there any tests I can perform to diagnose the fault? Anyone have experience with this?

    The ski has been modded so no longer under warranty. Thanks.

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    I had to test the fuel LEVEL SENSOR on my Kawi (but this test can be performed on almost all electric fuel level sensors) cuz mine crapped out when I was on the Atlantic and started reading "empty". Yea, that one puckered up my butthole real tight!
    Its prolly the level sensor since that tells the gauge how much fuel is left. If the fuel sending unit (aka fuel pump) was bad, the ski would hardly run, if at all.

    Your gonna hafta remove the level sensor and look thru the service manual to find which pins you gotta test for resistance between with a DMM with the float(s) all the way up, down, and in the middle. But IIRC if there's no change in resistance up/down/middle, the level sensor is bad.

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    have you had the fuel sending unit out of the ski?

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    no, I have not taken it out.

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