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    Wave blaster problems. Need advice.

    Opened the hood for the first time this year and there is gas/oil puddled in the bilge. No oil pump, I premix and doesn't look like a gas tank leak. Any idea?

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    The only thing I could think of is thermal expansion causing pressure to build and leak out somewhere. If you want to be safe you could pull stick a line from a air compressor onto the 1 way breather line and pump like 5 psi into the tank and see if it holds it. If you crack the gas cap after a few minutes and air doesn't blow out you know you have a leak. Have you done any recent work to the fuel system? I like to pressure test like his anytime after I buy a new to me ski or do any fuel system work, just make sure you don't put to much pressure to the tank otherwise stuff will start blowing up

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