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    Australian titles

    We have the Australian titles this weekend.

    Jetski World is running a stock class 300 in pro stock and pro open, an 1100 sxr in pro open and another slightly past stock class 300 in veterans.

    Guy greenland is running the 300 in stock and open, Tyron Motzouris is running the 1100sxr and Tony "low bars" Cummins is running vets.

    Also, Morgan Crompton and Reece London are racing lites. (those older racers may remember Tim London. He is recently deceased and was a wrench under Hedlund in the team polaris days. Tim is Reeces dad)

    Lots of testing has gone into this so wish us luck.

    Also, Dustin and Tyron Motzouris are welcome to ride our gear and use our shop anytime! They are polite, tidy, not scared of work and even offer to pay for fuel, tubbies, etc!! (very rare for a rider)

    Not only are they fast as fook, they are non drama to work with and would be an asset to any team or sponsor.

    ps. will give daily updates.

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    I think Brad will be out there with some of his machines. I want to see some pictures!


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