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    1995 GTX Slow Acceleration

    Today I took my '95 GTX out today at a local lake for the second time after getting it back from a shop. It was originally having trouble starting (replaces solenoid and starts great), the engine needed to be remounted, and the heat sensor was missing.

    So the conditions today at the lake were extremely choppy and the ride was very rough. The boat was hitting the swells pretty hard and after around 1 hour the GTX appeared to have some problems accelerating. The battery light was reading dead but the dash display is always wacky, so I'm not sure whether or not its accurate. My friend ended up slowing down to a complete stop and the thing would not turn on for 5 minutes, at that point we put it back on the trailer and headed home.

    At home there were a few things that I noticed that appeared to be off on the inside. There were two white butterfly screws that were near the shaft that were loose. Also, the heat sensor on the engine popped off the engine (already popped it back on.) I currently have the battery out and charging along with the screws tightened. Could the extent of my problems be limited to the dead battery?


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    first and foremost have you looked in the pump/intake grate to see if there are any obstructions? second has the fuel system been cleaned...ever?

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