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    Looking for info on 98 STX 750

    Hey all, new to forum. I am looking at a 98 stx 750. Could anyone give me some info about this ski? Reliability, stability, performance? Can't find a whole lot about it on the search. Hope all goes well and can enjoy this ski if it for me. Thanks in advance! Hope to contribute to the forum.

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    Welcome aboard, shonh!

    I've got an STX, and a fleet of 750s, but not a 750 STX. Should be simple, reliable, and not very fast.

    The biggest problem when buying a used 'Ski is that people often don't treat the fuel with stabilizer prior to winter storage. In the spring, it will start, but it won't run right in the water. Gum & condensation form and plug up the carbs. Take if for a test ride ON THE WATER before purchase. A compression test test is a really good thing to do, too. If they won't let you ride it, assume that the fuel system will have to be flushed and carbs overhauled and discount accordingly.

    Make sure the electronic display works, too! They're expensive.

    How much are they asking?

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