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    gauge cluster

    Hi every one, had a massive crash on my 03 gtx 3 weeks ago, it has taken me this long to get back on the net.................. been in hospital.
    So any how in the crash i lost the gauges and smashed the hood in the front, question is can i get a set of gauges from another year model to fit or do they need to be '03? i also assume that it would need to be hooked back up to buds to have the gauges programed? is that right? also will the hood from different year models fit also?
    thank for any comments in advance

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    Sorry to hear bout the crash...

    They had three basic different gauges for the GTX from '02 to '05. The '02 and '03 basic models are the same, the '03 GTX LTD and the '04 models had the same gauge, the 2005 has a different one. I don't remember if you can swap between years, what the issues might be. The good news is that any replacement gauge will be plug and play, no buds needed. The replacement gauge will show whatever hours it has stored in it, which is bad if it has more hours than your ski has, good if it has less....

    Hoods are also adaptable in roughly the same years.

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