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    virage bendix install

    hey folks,
    i have a 2002 virage tx 1200.
    had the starter nosecone break off when replacing starter last year.
    i finally grinded out the last bit and started reassembly. i kept the engine in and took off the front flywheel cover and moved anything movable out of the way while working on it.
    my problem is the bendix(starter gear) is sticking too far out to allow the cover to go back on. it is kind of just flopping around.
    i researched posts and pictures and cannot figure out is there a notch the back end(closest to rear of ski) sits in? any tricks or anything?
    i have the service manual, but that assumes the flywheel and magnetto are out and also just says install gear.
    Also, the starter is not pushed in all the way yet, so i know iam not hitting that.
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