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    2000 gti electrical problem

    Hi all new to this forum. I got a 2000 gti. I just rebuilt top end and put in new magneto assembly and buzzer. Took it out on water for 10 min. Ran good. Now everytime i put in safety laynard i dont get two beeps, rather i get continuos beeps and fuel gauge bounces with beeps. The starter will engauge for a half second or so when start button is pushed. Check battery at local shop they says its good, did ohm test on safety switch and start stop. All checked out good. Cleaned all grounds and battery cables. Any ideas wound be great. Thank you.

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    Forgot to mention. That pressing the on off switch after unhooking the laynard does not operate the fuel gauge. And hitting the start stop 5 times without laynard attached doesnt start the dess self diagnosis.

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