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    Lightbulb Heads up SHOBiz 2008 SHO for sale soon

    This has been a very hard decision to come to.

    I have had a lot things happen and a lot of changes occur in the past 2 years including a fairly major elective surgery 3 weeks ago and getting hit at highway speeds in my Porsche 944 totalling it several months ago. These things can cause your lifes priorities to change.
    After Jim rebuilt my motor the timing chain broke after about ten hours. It's not Jim's fault, shit happens. It has not been fixed nor obviously ran since.

    This is going to be an all or nothing including the trailer and other spare parts and tools and IMO an absolute steal for someone that has a clue. I would not recommend this ski for a newbee or someone that does not have good knowledge to tune and ride it. You'll just be asking for trouble IMO.

    All is not lost it is plausable that I could end up with a VXR, but I am looking more towards a cabin cruiser in the future (more girls onboard )

    Once I place this in the for sale section I will try to include as much detail as possible. There's a lot.


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    Bummer. Well maybe not with a boat load full of chicks. lol. It's been real man. Lots of good info shared. I remember back when we were just finding out there was a boost limiter on these boats. Look how far we've come. Shame to see you go but hope it all works out Dave.

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    Yep, it was a real blast trying to figure out how to do things there the first year or so.

    So far I have a list of tools, spares and the parts on the ski that is three pages long in Word and that is with no pictures.

    As a reminder to folks, even though my initial thought was to part this out (then what to do with the hull) my preference is that this is a single lot sale. I just do not have the energy to deal with selling off each thing individually and won't for some time. I still think that the price I will ask will be a real steal and be a motivator for someone.


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    I have enjoyed learning from what you have learned/know and best of luck in the future Bro.


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    You will probably like the VXR for its simplicity and ultimatley enjoy riding more.

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    good luck for the future with whatever you decide.

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