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Thread: A Sad Night

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    A Sad Night

    My wife and I heard a some load explosions and the power went out at our house a couple hours ago. We looked in the directions of the noise and saw some smoke coming from a power pole close to our front yard. We were devastated to see that one of the Juvenile Bald Eagles in the nest off of our front yard apparently had tried to take one of its first flights. It made the mistake of landing on the pole and getting electrocuted. We called Virginia Power and told them what happened. Joe of Virginia Power was here in thirty minutes and was real good about getting the Eagle down and the power back up. He called his office and reported in the Eagle death and was instructed to bag and ice the eagle down so that it could be studied.
    The adults eagles were clearly distressed and flying over and back to the nest. Luckily I could see that there was still two eaglets in the nest. The last two pictures are ones I took of the Juvenile from last year. Hopefully no more of them will get near the power lines!

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    That sucks, always hate to see animals hurt where humans have settled. No human, no pole, no unnecessary death.

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