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    1996 sl700 break in

    i just got a sl700 that had a motor that was destroyed so i redid the whole motor. the crank, cylinders bored, new wsm pistons and rings, and all the seals gaskets and o rings, carbs rebuilt new reeds, new fuel line the whole 9 yards totaling 905.37$
    and i did a compression test and i have 110 in each cylinder, is that low i am used to my kawasaki skis that have 150 to 160 in each cylinder
    i also converted to premix
    so i am taking it to the lake this weekend what do i need to do to make sure everything works right any advice for these polaris skis?

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    I only get 120 in my 700. That number may come up a bit after running it. Back the trailer into the water and run it with the ski strapped to the trailer. Let it idle and check everything for leaks before taking it out. There is all kinds of info on break in here. Basically stay away from wide open throttle runs for the first tank or so.

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