I have a 98 XPL. engine is out and apart. Need bore out. have title to ski.

I have a 98 GTXL engine is out. (lost title) engine apart. (needs rebuilt with pistons, head, and crank rebuilt)

both have good pumps, good MPEM with keys, hull , gauges, trim, mirror, hoods etc. let me know what you are interested in.

also have a 951 crankshaft that has one bearing that is noisy. but it's the far outside bearing. so it can easily be pressed on and off if u can locate the bearing.

located at Virginia Beach, VA.

can send pics if you send me an email address in message line.

i also have a drive shaft to a 95 XP (that had the extended pump)

trying to clear out current projects and shed of parts. had lower back fused in NOV. so will not be doing any riding this year.
will post more stuff up as i come across things.

have PAYPAL. and a perfect EBAY account score of 436 100% feedback. so can sell out right, or post on ebay as buy now.
thanks for looking. will try and watch for messages 2 or 3X a day.