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    2 Stroke Hydrolocking?? HELP!

    I went for a ride yesterday and about 15 minuntes into the ride i went of a wave and when i came down i heard a pop and my engine stopped. Of course i was headed for the rocks so i tryed starting it again and it will start but only for a couple seconds. So i loaded it up at took it back to the camper and started it up i can get it running but with throttle. But only runs for a couple of seconds. When i let off the throttle it will slow down then finally die, Sounds like its choking itself. I have checked all hoses, see if the butterfly valves opening and they are. One other thing before it went pop there was absoultely no throttle response. It was like the engine was running but not with throttle. Any Suggestions?


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    it sounds like your exhaust coupler popped off. the engine can't breathe with the exhaust in the bilge

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    This is the 951 engine ? If so you can start by checking the spark. Was there any sing of water ingestion? try to crank it with out the sparks to see if any water comes out. If spark is ok try a new set of plugs. A damage reed valve could be stuck open and cause that kind of fail too. It happened to me with my V-Force reeds. Also like jsimo says if there is smoke inside the engine it will not rev up . Check your exhaust hoses .

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    Sounds like an exhaust hose came off. Let us know what you find!

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