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Thread: 01 gti problems

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    01 gti problems

    I have a 01gti ski on trailer runs great revs good minute its in water does 20the miles an hour jump it out of water takes off full speed turn left or right does 20 again put new rebuild kit on carb wearring and impeller
    any advice will help

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    Was it running OK before the carb rebuild and impeller swap ?

    Is the impeller new if so is it the same pitch as oem ?

    If it ran OK before the impeller swap I think you may have an impeller that is too steep for that machine, not enough power to spin it. I ran into this with a 97 GSI that I rebuilt, the impeller was too steep for the machine and it was hard to get on plane with one rider, with two it was impossible. When it did get going it was a fast machine. The problem was worse when it was a warm day and not as bad when it was cool out. After months of trying to fix this a buddy looked at the impeller and figured it was from a 787 ski and was too steep, installed the correct pitch impeller and it was like riding a totally different machine. Part of the problem is I bought the ski not running so I had no experience with this ski and how it was supposed to run.

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    Try cleaning carbs again. You might have some junk in the little screens.

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    you need to check the pop-off pressure. typically ignored by most first time carb cleaners who change needle/seat or believe gumout is a cure all for all carb problems. Gumout shouldn't be used on a ski carb unless all rubber parts have been removed.

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