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    Speedometer issues on 1998 stx-1100

    Hey all! Looking for some suggestions for determining if I need a new speedometer or what my issue is. The digital display works on the ski for all other things. I.e time,rpm, fuel and oil level. The digital display only reads 0MPH when on ski moving though. Does the piece on the back of the ski that reads the speed go bad? Replacement costs?

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    I don't think it usually goes bad, but it can get damaged or get crap in it that keeps it from turning. It's replaceable. You can replace just the wheel & axle, or the entire assembly.

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    I got the same problem with my 2001 ultra 150. the speedometer only says 0 but everything else works. its funny becuase i took it out saturday and everything worked great but today when i took it out it just said 0mph....

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