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    02 RX propulsion problem.

    Rebuilt my engine over the winter after my buddy blew it up. Everything ran fine on the hose. Took it for a test ride over the weekend, ran fine for first half hour then the propulsion cut out at about 40 mph, engine still continued to wind up and sounded fine but no go untill you let off the throttle and idle then it moves fine, went out again and can't even get on plane engines sounds fine just won't go. Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like your wear ring is worn. Remove the jet pump and look between the impeller and the plastic ring around it.

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    splines stripped in the prop or off the drive shaft, worn wear ring or the wear ring is spinning in the pump housing.

    Couple more possible issues-- pinched or missing neoprene seal or a missing or damaged drive line bumper plug, motor not slid far enough back allowing too much drive line play.

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    Thanks will check these this weekend and by the way what is a line bumper plug?

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    DRIVE LINE bumper plug goes onto the ends of the drive shaft-- you will need to remove the drive shaft to verify that the 1 on the motor side is still there or there are a number of other ways to verify, but too much typing. PM me if you want to do it over the phone.

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    It was the driveline plugs, I didn't have either one in. Runs good now except for mid range I think I have the wrong springs in the carb. Any Iea what color ones should be in there?

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