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    SP 587 bounce Porpoising

    I have a 95 that I picked up cheap and it really has issues with porpoising. I have read a few post about xps having some issues, but never an old 587. If I move all the way up front on the seat it is better, but still doesn't go away completely. Everything is stock as far as I can tell. Is there a inexpensive fix for this? Thinking about dropping the rear of the ride plate some. Any suggestions?

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    A used exit nozzle from any Seadoo 140mm pump that had trim and a HX manual trim adjuster. Or point the nozzle downward in some way. You can get the used parts cheap if you go too far drilling and filling.

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    trim tabs

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    No where to attach the trim tabs on that hull. Look for a extended ride plate, add sponsons if it doesnt have any and the HX manual trim adjust is a good idea..

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    Look on ebay for a extended aftermarket ride plate.

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    Yep, I forgot about the extended ride plate. That's just what they are for. Only around $50 on EBAY and goes on with ease.

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    I've seen issues with xp and yamis but those skis are up to 50mph.. This is just a old 587. Probabaly runs 40 on a good day. I've thought about trim tabs or extended ride plate, but gosh I wouldn't think this one would need it. I did rebuild the pump when I got it, but it all went back on in good order. I"ll try the washers first and let you know.

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    we have extended plates here for the older Doo's. these along with a scoop grate ( which i also have) work wonders on the old SP hulls.

    new jetlyne deep scoop grate = 20.00
    new jetlyne extended plate = 25.00

    prices + s&h

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