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    POP Goes the 09 RXT-IS

    Full throttle in calm water, a loud POP, loss of power, engine wound down, plus I let go of throttle. A low oil pressure warning, but that went away. Was left with a hissing noise. Rode it back about 3 miles to the dock keeping it around 4k rpm. No more warnings or check engine lights. 2009 RXT-IS with 112 hours. Dealer rebuilt supercharger at 100 hours. I couldn't find anything in my search. I'm thinking the head gasket or some part of supercharger. Dealer won't take it in until Friday. About 6 weeks out of warranty so any ideas would help. Thanks.

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    Supercharger hoses, check them

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    Possibly air intake manifold cracked?

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    'sounds' like an IC pipe has blown off. That would explain the pop (hose popping off) (probly also a burst of air, which would have been the residual pressure in the intake system) explains the loss of power (no boost) explains the 'hissing noise' (SC spooling to atmosphere via burst pipe). And coincedently youv just had the SC kitted which involves removal of IC piping. Get your hands in and wriggle the hoses see if any are loose

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    Hose clamp failed. Why they didn't change it out with the supercharger I have no idea. Thanks for the help.

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