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    2004 Polaris MSX 150

    Found my first problem with my 2004 MSX 150. After running for 10 miniutes it gave an over heating light. I shut he down and it went off. I went in and examined motor. Nothing was boiling and appeared to be cool enough. I unplugged what seemed to be a heat sensor right behind the waist gate sylinoid and took her out again. Did the same thing. Do these have thermostats? Help.

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    If the t-stat was bad it would be hot.
    Did it say overheat or just the red light?
    Clean the MAP sensors.

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    Old thread... not sure if Ollison got this fixed or not.

    There are two sources for ECU to detect overheating. One is the coolant temp, based off coolant temp sensor in the t-stat housing. This sensor sticks up between intake runners. Then there's the exhaust manifold temp, which has a thermo switch (single wire) on the rear of the exhaust manifold near wastegate actuator. Either of these can trigger the ECU to go into overheat protection mode... with limited RPMs and overheat indicator on display. Unplugging the exhaust mani temp switch will not affect the ski from running, it will only remove this safety. I don't think you can do that to the coolant sensor, though.

    So if unplugging the exhaust mani temp switch didn't fix it, then it's likely the coolant temp is getting too high. Could be a bad t-stat... not opening. Or could also be a bad water pump or more likely the water pump gear (which is plastic and has been known to fail... did on mine). If water pump isn't moving the coolant... you won't see any coolant swirling in the coolant reservoir when the ski is running.


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