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    waveraider 1100 "backfire" on start?

    Hey i have a 95 waveraider 1100 and sometimes when im cold starting it ill get a "pop" sound and some smoke will come from the back side of the engine (noticed while hood was opened) it doesnt seem to do it all the time but here in there it will and just figured id inquire about it


    as far as what i can say i just got this ski so the history i know is it sat for a year or so, i got it running and ran it for about 2hrs at the beach ran pretty good(sure the carbs need a rebuild was a bit hesitant out of the hole) but other wise didnt have any issues, just noticed this one thing thats happened probably 3 or 4 times(tonight was most recent) was fixing the stop button since it wasnt working and while doing so this happened.
    I don't have the choke connected and i ran out the gas in the OFF position while working on the button so when starting it took a little longer then usual to i assume get gas back in the carbs which may be why this happens? just trying to list as much as i can to help

    thanks again and any info is appreciated!

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    I have a backfireing problem on my gpr. I don't think our problems are similar though and I haven't figured mine out yet. I won't be any help there but the smoke in your engine compartment does't sound good. There is a thread about a 1100 waveventure on the Yamaha old school skis page with an exhaust problem like yours. That might help you out some. It was near the top awhile ago.

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    thanks man, will check it out, and yea when it does this "backfire" problem i get little puff of smoke out, ill try to pay more attention next time so i can be more detailed. Thanks again

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    If your reeds are bad you can get stuff coming back up the intake...but that doesn't sound like what's going on here. The only thing I could think of is maybe you have a plug firing off for some reason or another causing a backfire through the intake....I've put plug wires on backwards and got backfiring out the intake but odds are is it would barely run if at all in the water....if its boggin I would start with the carbs and. Heck feeds well you are in there

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    Sounds like a reed problem. Cracked cage or burnt pedal

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    you know it very well could be coming back through the intake, the rubber piece off the carbs is at the back of the motor as well, i guess ill research on how to get to the reeds and check them over, also i definitely plan to do the carbs, i used some carb cleaner to see if that helps , going out tomorrow to test ride plate/grate and get some more fresh gas/oil through the motor but saturday ill go ahead and check into the reed issue.
    Thanks for the suggestions , now to find an online manual of this craft. Thanks again.

    Oh also i tried cranking it yesterday and today a few different times and it started right up every time, so i do think it may only be when i have the gas off, run lines empty, then try to restart, that it happens because i know for sure ive done this twice and its happened(working on it and forgetting to turn gas on )

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