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    How do I seal up trim box on a 750 ZXI?

    So I pulled out my 1996 Kawi 750 ZXI after sitting for 4 months and sure enough the trim isn't working. After alot of cussing and a few brews I got the motor out, tested 12v to the wires and it makes noise but doesn't turn, so I need a motor. I'm not spending $300+ for a factory motor so I'm gonna try the $100 (new) ebay ones and hopefully I get 2-3 years from it. My ? is I've read I need to replace the trim cable seal and I have no idea what or where this is, can someone give me a part # or point me in the direction I need to look?! Thanks in advance!

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    So I just read on another post that I obviously couldn't find earlier and it says there should be a rubber boot on the rear pump side and I'm not seeing this, Is this correct??

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    It's a bellows-shaped piece of rubber that slides over the cable at the back of the 'Ski. You have to remove the cable end to slide it on. Make sure to count the number of turns when you remove the end, so you can get it repositioned correctly. One end of the seal covers the cable housing, the other covers the cable core. Both ends are secured with nylon tie-wraps.

    If you're handy, you can probably fix the motor. The gearbox is probably rusted inside.

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    So I'm pretty sure there is no trim seal boot, I've looked under there before and I don't recall seeing anything. Will I need to remove the ride plate to install it? I'm sure the gearbox is rusted up inside as the outside is in pretty bad shape, I'll try and clean it up on the inside, do I just pry off the round cover?

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    If I remember correctly, there are a couple of metal tabs that you bend to remove the cover.

    I've done a couple, including taking the motors apart. That's a little trickier. I found that the magnets inside the motor were loose in the housing and were rubbing on the armature. That kept the motor from running. Also cleaned up the commutator. Putting the motor back together is a little tricky, you have to use safety wire or paper clips or thread to hold the brushes out of the way, but I don't remember exactly how I did it.

    I cleaned rusty parts with a glass bead blaster. Looked pretty good when I put it back together, and it works fine.

    When you close up the trim box, it's a pain in the butt to get the O-ring back in. Stretch it out a little, coat it with grease, then try to put it into the slot. When you put the cover on, use a pair of putty knives between the case halves and slide them around to work the O-ring into the groove as you tighten the screws.

    I removed the ride plates on mine to replace the seal. I also pumped some grease into it before putting it onto the cable.

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    So I went ahead and pulled the trim box apart and my motor was froze up, pulled it apart and cleaned it and sure enough got it working again. Was really pretty easy, I would say anybody with some mechanical skills should easily be able to do this. It's all pretty simple, hardest part is removing the trim box cover, I didn't remove the box from the hull but I'm thinking I should have, would have been easier to remove the 3 bolts holding it to the hull and gain easier access to the 6 bolts holding the cover on but I didn't, took maybe 3 hours total with plenty of beer breaks in between, hence the spelling!

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    usually they rust up or the magnets come unglued. I usually have to pursued my trim to work every season.

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    Now you fixed the motor, work on the bellow boot so it doesn't happen again.

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    So here I am a month later and my trim isn't working again. It will go down but won't go up, pretty sure I know what it is but am thinking i'll just fix it in a neutral (non adjustable) position but am unsure how to do this, anyone have a pic of this or any advice?

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