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    2010 FX HO Steering is off

    Has anyone ever had to adjust the steering on an FX HO? When i ride and hold the handlebars straight the ski turns to the right. I'm guessing their must be an adjustment in the rear but not 100% sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    When handle bar is right in the middle, take a look at your jet nozzle and see if it is in center!

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    Easy fix----the steering cable adjustment is under the steering column (I have 2 '10 FXHOs as well)

    To get to it, you remove the white panel inside the front storage compartment. It's the one on the "back wall" and has 5 clips that you remove by pushing in the center with a small punch or screwdriver then pull the clips out and remove the panel.

    Once you do that, you'll see the end of the steering cable (move the handlebars back and forth and you'll see it)

    Loosen the small locknut on the cable and then remove it from the ball mount. Turn the end of the cable one way or the other to shorten or lengthen it as needed and test fit it back on the mount to make sure the nozzle is straight (have someone hold the handlebars straight) once it's straight, tighten the locknut, replace the white panel and you're done.

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    Thank you I wasn't sure if it was the adjuster at the nozzle i see one there.

    I dont remember seeing what you describe when I pop the hood but I will look again.

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    Usually the adjustment is at the nozzle end but Yamaha put it inside to protect it better and the nozzle end is just a connection
    Good luck!

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    This is what you are looking for

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    Quote Originally Posted by volltrex View Post
    This is what you are looking for

    Yes i see it now thanks guys. Umm my dam arm is too short lol. So do i just unloosen the nut on the right side of the picture? Does that rod thread in and out?
    Also thats a great clear shot of yours. Do you have the same ski? I have a lot in the way to get to mine.

    Thanks again for the great help.


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    You loosen the nut while the cable is still attached to the ball mount, then remove the cable end from the ball mount --- turn it one way of the other to shorten or lengthen it.(it does thread in and out but only once its taken off the ball mount) You then reinstall the cable to check whether the nozzle is straight and if not, take it off and shorten or lengthen it til you get it where you want it. Then, tighten the lock nut once it's reinstalled.
    Sounds hard but really isn't. A helper to hold the handlebars straight while you check the nozzle is helpful.

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    Thanks jetboater I will give it a try i see that you wrote this above also. I'm having a hard time reaching the nut on that rod its really far up and i have two huge black hoses in the way and a wire harness.

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    I got it really close to center thanks guys. I was at the dealer and he told me to adjust it from the rear not the front.

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