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    installing new motor have a few questions.....

    i know when it comes to the new motor that the shims might not be the same as needed previous but is it possible to use no shim because after playing around no shim seems to be the closest with the straight edge i mean how accurate does it need to be?. also how close should the two couplers be togther with the rubber bushing... and is there supposed to be a little play in that bushing or should it be tight? thanks guys.

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    You gotta look in the factory service manual on mine it said no more than 1mm of height diff up on the motor and no more than 2mm between the couplers a service book should say

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    You may not need shims in one end or the other, it just depends. I recently had the engines out of 3 boats and all three did not go back the same as original. The alignment is perfect, but on one I have no shims on the front and an extra .025 the back to get everything square and inline. Don't forget you have to have the pump in place for the alignment to be accurate, the intermediate shaft and coupling are all over the place without the pump shaft in it.

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