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    Kawasaki Ultra 250x broken super charger

    hey i bought a 08 ultra 250x with a broken supercharger.. I was told the belt has been removed so its ok to ride it with the supercharger disabled.. is this true? also how much does it cost for a new supercharger? the ski has 38 hrs on it.. whats to stop it happening again another 30 hrs from now? thanks in advance for any help given.

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    do not ride it with the s/c disabled thats bs, you need to replace the s/c assembly. preventative maintenance will prevent the charger from seizing again.

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    Great.. Expensive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski-Noob View Post
    Great.. Expensive?
    About 12-1500 new u may find some used ones for 6-700

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    Theres a a guy on ebay that rebuilds them for 250.00, looks like he does a nice job

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    Quote Originally Posted by 250xguy View Post
    Theres a a guy on ebay that rebuilds them for 250.00, looks like he does a nice job
    Do you have a link to get ahold of him?

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    Personally I suggest you to purchase a new one and make sure to follow manufactures preventive maintenance schedule.
    If you take care of your ski it will do the same for you.

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