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    Low throttle bogging 1200 SUV

    Ran around about 40 miles this last weekend on an SUV. The carbs have not been gone through yet but the high and low speed screws are set to spec. Non pre-mix ski, no accelerator pump, stock.

    The ski idles fine (set at around 1350) and tops out right at 50mph with no noteworthy sounds or issues except for what I would guess is called "loading up" at low RPMs.

    If I go from idle to WOT it boggs down. Some minor feathering of the throttle brings it right up out of the water to speed quickly. Is this what you guys mean by "loading up"? If so, is this where I mess around with the tuning of the low speed screws? Spec on the tripple 44's is 1 turn out on all 3 lows and 3/4 turn out on #1 and #3 on the highs with the middle high being 1 turn out.

    Would turning the lows IN or OUT likely give me my desired hole shot v the bogging (if that is the problem)? Whatever the answer, I would assume that I tune all 3 of the lows to the same new setting.

    I didn't have the right wrench to take off the carbs this weekend otherwise I would have the pop-off done as well. I assume that could be key here as well??? Pop-off should be 55psi on these according to The Master!

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    Same thing here, my only happened if I kill or idle it too long. I notice that by turning out the low speed it help a little, dut didn't get rid of the problem.

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    Hmmm, so it is possibly "starving" for fuel at low throttle...thus the bogging...but opening it up opens up the high speed screws and dumps fuel in? I'll crank the lows open a quarter turn at a time to see what happens.

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