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    2010 FZS not beeping when using the remote??

    My 2010 fx sho beeps when I lock and unlock it with the remote. My fzs does not beep, the light flashes to confirm if it's locked or unlocked, but no beeping. I bought both used and the fzs hasn't beeped since I got it. Is there a setting to mute it I don't know about, does the fzs not beep, any ideas?

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    No mute setting unless that changed after the 09 model. Have you ever heard any beeping from the ski (e.g. overheat, low fuel, etc.)? If not, the buzzer may be bad or have a bad connection. It's located behind the white plastic access panel in the front storage compartment. You can disconnect the buzzer and test it directly to the battery. You can also verify that the buzzer is getting the correct voltage (11v-12v) from the harness using a voltage meter while pushing the remote button.

    If you haven't pulled the access cover before, use a small phillips screwdriver to depress the center pin on the fastener to release it.

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    Never heard The ski beep ever. Thanks for the info!

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