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    How often do you repack bearings ?

    Just curious how often you repack your trailer bearings ?

    I do mine once a year at the beginning of the season mainly for peace of mind as the only cost is time and $10 for new seals. I have been told I'm crazy and only need to do them every few years or when they get noisy. Talked to a guy at the lake last year and he had to have the bearings replaced on his twin axle boat trailer on the way up to the lake and it cost him about 6 hrs wait and $700. He could not remember the last time they were serviced.

    Am I too anal on the PM ?

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    I never repack. I always get and put on bearing buddy's. Got new ski and trailer last year had them on in first week just so it was done.

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    u can never be to anal..... especially if.its. chub change I have a basic hub cap that I grease. everytime I leave and comeback

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    I agree with both responses. For one thing, having a bearing buddy can be a great safety net for utility trailer bearings, and personally I think it's better than the oil bath system that some people use as an alternative. But there's nothing wrong whatsoever with checking the bearing conditions every year. Think of it like you would with your car's brake pads, in that once you hear constant screeching every time you hold down the pedal, you'd usually have the pads inspected to see if they're worn down. Procrastinating with that can mean paying for a new brake system. Procrastinating or simply not keeping a watchful eye on the bearings can cause friction on the wheels and wheel assembly and then it's downhill from there.

    Just be on the lookout for any problems and keep them greased up as best you can and you should be good.

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