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    2010 RXT 215 vs. 2012 GTR 215

    I am looking to buy 2nd ski. Was thinking new GTR, the dealer has a 2010 RXT.
    Don't have much experience with different hulls and what the pros and cons are. Almost any help is welcome.

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    To clarify, trying to keep below 11k and want a 215 for added power, but no need for 260 (yet).

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    I don't believe you can get the GTR for under 11k.

    RXT will be a bit better in the chop. GTR is lighter.

    Both are stable, good skis.

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    Thanks carguy. It will be the first one in the area and it was offered to me for 11k, but before taxes, fees......
    The RXT is 9.5, seems like better deal. I will be riding in chop and glass, since I live on a good sized river, I get a lot of early and late unmolested waters. Also a lot of traffic in peak hours.

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    I have the 2010 RXT 215. Nice boat with a good feature set. FAST. It is a bit unpredictable in the corners in that once the sponson bites, it bites hard and will throw you if you aren't ready for it. But I guess once you learn that this is going to happen it isn't so unpredictable anymore.

    It's my first ski so I can't compare the ride in chop to any others (I picked up a 2012 rxt 260 a couple weeks ago but haven't ridden enough to make a good comparison) except to say I think the 2012 GTR 215 has a bit of a better feature set (mode changes are on the left handle bar now). Other than that, I think they are identical (hulls are both S3?).

    Personally, I'd save the money and get the 2010 RXT 215 - I can't see enough difference to warrant the higher price. Whichever you decide, they are both outstanding skis and you will be thrilled with the ride.

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    I have a 2010 GTX now and the RXT would handle identical in the corners because of the hull being the same. I think it is identical accept for the s/c and the paint job. I like what I have in that, but need some more speed. Family will stick with the 155.
    I was wondering mostly about the hull on the GTR and if it is much more menueverable?
    Chances are I will grab the RXT, I am not that aggressive of a rider anyway.

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    I'm probably in the same category as you. I wanted more power for myself so that's why I picked up the 260 - but I didn't need the feature set of the rxtx/px. I remember renting a 155 at Lake Tahoe (it's what made me decide to buy) and looking back at how it compared to my 215 now I'd say my 215 far outperforms at manueverability. I'm not exagerating much when I tell you that performing a hard turn at low(er) speeds only to nail it half way through will cause the ski to basically turn on it's nose and then launch itself practically out of the water. My 260 isn't broke in yet so I haven't done that same manuever to the extent I have on the 215 - I'm expecting that I WILL leave the water on it.

    Let us know what you get!

    Oh and BTW...after you get a 215 don't be surprised that you'll want the 260 lol. It's just addicting to have more....MORE....MORE!

    AND...I bought my 2010 RXT 215 last September for 10,900. So it sounds like ur getting a pretty good deal. Or I didn't get as good of one as I could have.

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    I have no doubt that I will want to move to a 260 in a short time. That is my personality anyway. I do have to stay on budget and also want to limit the gas consumption a little, so I am compromising some. But, I think I will be plenty happy with that for awhile.
    I think that the price on the RXT is very good and shouldn't let it go. The savings can fill the tank quite a few times.

    Thanks for the input.

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    I had the opprtunity to ride back-to-back the new GTI and S3 hulls in chops. World of difference. Depends where you will ride.

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    Only chop where I ride is caused by wake during high traffic times. Otherwise very minimal. Since it is a river, most of it is side to side and some rollers. No wind or chop as you would find on a lake or in salt water use.

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