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    Triton trailer wheels

    i know this subject has been beat to death but im going to start it up again.....right now have a 08 triton trailer with 12 inch rims and tires on it....the one with plastic fenders i was wondering if i would be able to fit 13 inch wheels and tires on is the 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern if that helps?!?!?!?!

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    I have seen it done, but the tires rubbed when hitting bumps.

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    If it is the same trailer I have (2008 Triton Elite double with torsion axles) the 13 inch tires should fit just fine.

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    A site for future reference.

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    If it is an LTWC-I the answer is no. If it is an LTWC-II then no again. Triton uses a ST145R12E range Radial tire. The 13 inch with C range bias ply is only for elite WC-I and Elite WC-II OR Elite WCII-2 ( two axles ) I have seen a nice 5.3x12 C range ( larger in width than the 4.8x12 for higher load capacity and better tracking due to width. ) used very successfully with the single LTWC-I.

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