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    Seadoo GSX RFI 98' Runs on 1 Cyl both has fine spark on both?


    I have a Seadoo GSX RFI 781 98 '.

    The problem is that it only goes on one cyl. The front cylinder, against the petrol tank.

    I've tried to search for the error as follows:

    komprission: 13Bar in both cylinders.

    New spark plugs. (Without result) Br8eS

    Spark plug cables shortet up. (No result)

    Cleaned both RAVE valves (without success)

    Checked for spark - Fine spark on both lines)

    Cheked that both sparkplugs are whet of gasoline but only nr 1 is black of firring.Click image for larger version. 

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    Cleaned injectors and swapped them around (without result)

    Have also tried to take 2nd turn on cable and ran just fine without it, but can not start if you do the same with 1'ern.

    I can get it to start 2'ern If I remove the nozzles & user start gas. This is without a spark plug on 1'ern usually just works.

    So it seems that only under load to 2'ern fails.

    See VIDEO of evening start here:

    What do you think it could be?

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    might not be a strong enough spark...trim your plug wires back and reinstall the boot.

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    Sounds like rear cylinder not getting fuel maybe.
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    Install some new spark plugs. Under load they might not have enough spark.

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    The RFI's idle on one cylinder. How are you testing for spark?

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    Old fashion Way, putting the plug on the head with plugwire on.

    What dó you mean with it ildes on one cyl?

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    the one cylinder idle is part of the emission control system..without a manual you are going to be spending lots of time chasing stuff like that

    avoid using starter a killer in oh so many ways.

    rfi.di skis are tricky without some way of reading computer codes..even more so as some faults won.t create a code!

    I had plenty of trouble with an rfi a few years back..then it spun the rv gear..problem solved!

    great concept..less then ideal implementation.

    a seadoo handheld computer or a candoo helps...without those i.d make a swag and say replace the ignition coil..which has some history of failures.

    plenty of reading here and on other forums on rfi issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolajjetrider View Post
    Old fashion Way, putting the plug on the head with plugwire on.

    What dó you mean with it ildes on one cyl?
    It idles on one cylinder. If you are testing spark while idling, only one plug will fire.

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    I know this is an old post but the RFI idles on both cylinders. It's the DI that idles on one cylinder. The DI is very different than the RFI.

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