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    Polaris SLT 700 Crank, No spark

    I have an SLT 700 and it has no spark. I need to know where to start. I am new to PWC's but been in small engine repair for years. I just need to know where to start..I am helping out a buddy so I want to keep all cost's down. I would like to also say that we had the engine running before, then he swapped it into another PWC adn now it wont run. I really have no experience with CDI's so all help is much appreciated..

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    crack open your electrical box and make sure you got every thing connected. Double check the kill switch and make sure its not bad. This page will help ya also

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    I had a 96 SLT 700, they require an ignition upgrade kit because of reliability issues with the stock parts. Before you look into that make sure your battery is FULLY CHARGED. Those ignitions need a certain voltage while the motor is turning over to fire. Search your model on here and you'll be able to read all about it.

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