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    2012 FX SHO Cooling Question

    Hello, I'm the happy owner of a new FX Cruiser SHO (traded in a VX deluxe). My question, I noticed that there are two water cooling outlets on the hull one on the port side and one on the starboard side. When I ran it on the hose in the driveway I only noticed water coming out of the port side and nothing out of the starboard side. The service manual shows the starboard side outlet is from the air cooler. When will water flow through cooler? Is there some type of thermostat in the air cooler to regulate the water flow?
    I have been unable to get on the water yet so this may change when running under power.
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    Congratulations on your new ski!!! and welcome to the club. You will see water flowing through that fitting under power when you get it in the water. The water is fed from the pump so you will not see any flow of water when running the ski on the hose, Julio...

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