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    Seadoo 787 RFI Compression Test Results

    hey guys, ran a compression test, as suspected the 2nd cylinder is lower.

    Cylinder 1
    D: 145
    W: 160
    Cylinder 2
    D: 120
    W: 150

    Could this be caused by a faulty injector, or do i fear the worst and expect worn rings? Head Gasket? The spark plug from # 2 was some what oil coated, but being a 2 stroke this would be natural if the plug was dead, which it dies on the last run.

    What do you think?

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    I hate uneven cylinder pressure. Well, I would take it apart, hone it and throw a new set of rings in it. Just to Gimp it thru the season. But I would never give that advise to others....

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    What do the spark plugs look like? Do they both have the same color? If one looks too light or greyish then you need to fix that first.

    Oops! I did not read your entire post the first time before i replied.

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