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    trailer security

    So i've been thinking about how to secure the trailer off the vehicle.
    I have a locking coupler ball lock...a shrouded masterlock for the coupler lever. But
    All someone has to do is use the safety chains and tow the damn trailer away.. or remove the whole coupler and slap on there own. and be off
    Anyone know of easy removable safety chaines? instead of unbolting and bolting the chains on?
    Hopefully i don't ever have to use the gps tracker hidin in the ski..or insurance..
    The first line of defense is deterrance...

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    You could weld the nut to the bolt on the coupler. They also make locking wheel chocks similar to a boot that keeps the wheel from turning and covers the lug nuts.

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    if its a empty trailer it can be taken either way.... if really wanted.... probably chain tires to frame

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