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    2001 XLT1200 starter relay issue

    I rebuilt the topend and carbs on my 2001 XLT and now can not get it to start.

    I have a battery charger hooked up to it set at 50amps but it will not turn the starter, so i crank it up to 125(start) amps and the relay keeps blowing, I have gone trough 2 already.

    When i hit the starter button, the start flashes on the display

    is this an issue with trying to start it with a charge (althought my other skis start this way) or an electrical issue?

    I just keep getting a loud buzzing sound. the selenoid worked when i bench tested it

    I checked all the connections and the ground. If i pull off the temp sensor, I get the warning buzz and temp warning

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    Make sure both sensors are plugged in on the pipe. Have you third turning the motor by hand and have you tried jumping the two big leads on the relay to see if the starter would turn the motor over. If you haven't do that and let us know what you find.

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    uhhhh..using engine start on a charge is going to damage the electronics. Beg.borrow a batter before it.s too late! Batter chargers don.t have any filtering of a.c to speak of. Go buy a $25 lawn tractor battery and use some jumper cable instead

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    Did you double check all your grounds?

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    yes motor turns, i just did the top end, 130 in all cylinders. temp sensors are all plugged in, if I take them out the alarm will sound.
    all grounds have been double checked. I am going to go to get a battery today and see if the charger is the issue.

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    when you crank it do you smell gas? Air, fuel and spark. Pull the plugs and crank it to make sure you are getting spark. Make sure youre getting fuel. If all else fails, and i dont recommend this but i have resorted to it, drop some premix into the cylinder if you are sure you have spark and try starting. You may not be getting enough vaccum to draw fuel through the carbs.

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    Just rebuilt an '01 XLT, replaced starter relay, turned over fine. Removed battery. Next day put in different battery, (keep all my batteries on trickle chargers when out of boat), wouldn't start. Faint buzz is all. Checked with voltmeter, battery only put out 10.6 volts. Swapped battery for one kicking out 12.3 volts and it fired right up. Turns out one of my trickle chargers is bad.

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