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    Looking at buying my first waverunner- need some info on prices

    Been doing a lot of research and visited dealer yesterday to check out the various mfgs and models. Kinda leaning towards the FX cruiser HO as seems easier to work on and reliable from posts. Was going to begin discussing price when dealer indicated mfg retail DOES NOT include freight and dealer prep. Well, kinda figured i'd ask for reciept to confirm freight charge butmhave no idea what is involved in dealer prep and what is reasonable regarding payment for this (one example invoice was ~$900). Usually i try to figure what cost the dealer has and then agree on a reasonable profit but shooting in the dark on this.

    Can folks share what they know about set up (how many actual hours it takes and what it entails) and what is typically considered a fair price to pay OTD (I live in calif so would adjust for tax, license,etc).

    Big thanks to all!

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    Don't know about shipping and dealer costs, but they are put together in GA, so the further you are from there the more the shipping costs. The best prices paid that I've seen for a 2012 FX HO have been around $12000 total out the door price before taxes for skis bought around the first of the year. I know of 2 guys that got the skis for around that price; one was in AL and the other in GA, and both bought at boat shows, and both got a 4 year extended warranty thrown in.

    Now is peak buying time at the start of the season, so the dealers are not going to be as negotiable as they are in the winter months. Plus, I know that the CA models have to have different stuff added, which will probably jack up the price.

    Good Luck!

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    175 maybe this will help you

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    wave cash in his face, worked well for me !!!!!

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    I got a brand new VXS last year for $10k out the door if that helps you figure out some prices. Im in Michigan as well if that matters.

    My sales guy told (and I believe him because we talked a ton) that the deal I worked out was better than his discount could have got him. I also bought from one of yamaha's top selling dealerships (one of top 7) which Im sure makes a difference because they can make less on each unit which is given down to the buyer. Try and find the biggest deal you can!

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    I got two (2) VXS out the door, no trailer for $21,100 in NC if that helps you. badd99, it sounds like you got a great deal cause I'm a Jew and worked my salesman to death. LOL.

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    Just purchased (2) 2011 VXS with aluminum trailer for $20,000 out the door.

    ETA: In VA

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    Sounds like my deal was pretty damn good then, lol. I paid the same as the guy above, minus the trailer which I had, and he got two units which usually will get you a better deal.

    Its a fantastic ski, buy it!!

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    Big John, How are things in Cocoa Beach? I love that area, specially Cocoa Beach Country Club. Fun 27hole golf course with a very nice clubhouse.
    I used to go to the Brazilian breakfast place and then head to the course. I am sorry I cant remember the name of the restuarant. Great Brazilian breakfast sausages.

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