Hey guys,

I live in Perth, Australia and I own a 95 seadoo Xp 720. but i've always wanted to find a cheap stand up jet ski and see if its as much fun as my xp
I finally found one
Basically found this kawasaki 550 js for $400. how can i know what year it is or if its a js or sx?
It had been sitting for a year after the owner had a motobike crash and now needs a hip replacement and can't do shit anymore... I got there and it wouldn't turn over the owner went to get his mate that had apparently rebuilt the motor with new machined head, machined crank, new bearings and bored to new bigger pistons with full gaskets costing about $1000+ about 1.5 to 2 years ago. So the 'mech' friend too the starter apart but nothing. We then took the engine off and turns out it was the pump/prop area that has seized.
Hooked up the starter to a battery and did a compression test. Got 200psi in each cyl. I remember you said it should be about 130psi. Would this be because of the new pistons? Or is that way too much??

Ohh and it also needs the 'jets' in the carby. no idea what that is???

Anyway, what do you guys think? I bought it for $300.

Some pics.....

Already gave the engine compartment a clean. unfortunately no before pic but just picture about 10-20 years of oil, grease, sand and salt in there

The owner also talked about the stop button didn't work in the few last runs he had with the ski. I noticed this plug un-hooked. Followed the wire and it goes in the center arm. Would that be the cause??

Ohhh also the steering cable seemed to have seized too. Is there a way to un-seize it? or is it hard to replace?

The plan is Hopefully to put it back together and get it running, then maybe some cosmetic work to it
I hope i'll learn from you guys with a bit of your help.